About CDPN
Coinplug DID Partner Network (CDPN) operates 'MyKeepin' program providing consultations and technical support to the businesses who have the intention to integrate DID technology into their business ecosystem
Our services
Coinplug specialists will make assessments on how DID solutions can be integrated into the partner's products or services and provide training and seminars to fosters developers
Global Network
MyKeepin DID Network makes your services expand global market. Regardless of company size or blockchain technology.
Coinplug which has the most blockchain patent in the world provides partners with public and private DID technology. You can comply with GDPR and reduce acquisition costs.
Open Ecosystem
Without bias in the size or industry of a particular company, MyKeepin DID ecosystem makes real business cooperation and construct fully interoperable data ecosystem.
Coinplug is the no. 1 blockchain patent holder in the world
Founded in 2013, Coinplug is the company with the most blockchain patents in the world as recognized in October 2019 by Harrity&Harrity, a leading patent firm. In terms of patent applications, we are placed in the top 10 companies in the world.

Owning this many blockchain patents in areas like Identity & authentication (DID, SSID), Crypto/Payment, Finance/Asset, and Document/Content allows Coinplug to apply its expertise and technology to develop solutions and commercialized services for major scale public and private sector projects.
Highly experienced
in developing products and services
Galaxia Communications
Personal information management system through DID
will be applied to MONEY TREE platform
Busan Blockchain Specialized Zone
Provide a video-report platform for public engagement
based on the security and transparent data distribution
of DID technology
R Project
DID-based platform to provide identity infrastructure
to stateless refugees
Korea Post
Secure and reliable verification and payment service
via blockchain-based DID
Coinplug provides blockchain-based DID solutions designed to deliver high performance services in the corporate environment based on Metadium blockchain technology
Helping companies build successful
DID-based business practices and solutions
Join the journey and expedite your DID implementation process
We will get back to you once we review your application
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